Our Mini-courses give you the flexibility of learning. You can take any of the courses below, no matter what TEFL training you have done before.

Remember! All the mini courses outlined below are included in the 50-hour online TEFL course.

To enrol on any of the courses, simply register and then select your course.

Mini-young learners course

This Mini-course provides useful insight into teaching youngsters below the age of 10. You'll look at motivation, classroom management and ideas to use in the classroom. You'll also receive guidance on teaching strategies for young learners.

The course is tutor-guided.

Course fee = £25

Mini-business English course

Teaching business English is not as daunting as it sounds! Teaching adults is a lot of fun and quite different from teaching younger learners. This course guides you through the different approaches needed in the business English classroom and the offers you a whole host of ideas for your lessons.You will be guided through the assignments with your personal-tutor.

The course is tutor-guided.

Course fee=£25

Mini-teaching one-to-one course

This course is a must for wherever you teach in the world, since there will always be opportunities of private lessons, in fact many teachers only have private students. In this course, you will get lots of ideas for activities in the classroom, understand the challenges of one-to-one lessons compared to classes plus learn how to get the most out of your private student.

This course is tutor-guided.

Course fee=£25

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