With the massive demand for English teachers around the world, your online TEFL course can help you access the job opportunities waiting for you.

OnlineTEFLCourses.com can help. We offer a FREE TEFL Jobs Service to all of our students.

This includes:

Exclusive access to TEFL jobs

Schools and TEFL employers from all over the world contact us to hire our new English teachers. Only those with an OnlineTEFLCourses.com certificate can apply!

Free lifetime TEFL careers advice

Contact us by phone or email and we can arrange for you to get advice from one of our resident TEFL Experts.

Free CV checking service

Our TEFL Experts will give you personal feedback on your CV so you can make the best first impression on employers.

Free TEFL Employers Directory

Details of over 8,500 TEFL employers around the world.

Our TEFL jobs

Once you have completed your online TEFL course, get in touch with us to find out about the latest vacancies. We’ve recently been recruiting for TEFL jobs and volunteering positions in:

Turkey, France, UK, Poland, Mexico, China, Thailand, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, South Korea, Bangladesh, Spain, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Russia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Switzerland, India, Germany, Indonesia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Czech Republic and more!

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