How does the ESOL course work?

The ESOL course is entirely web-based and using online resources, activities and assignments you will progress through the course.

You will be helped on your way by your online tutor who will assess your assignments. The activities and assignments are not a graded part of the course, your marks are just indicators of your progress.

You will have 4 final assessments that will decide on whether you pass the course.

  • 2 written assessments submitted to TEFL Scotland for assessment
  • 2 invigilated exams to be taken at test centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Inverness.

Keep an eye out for examination dates coming up on this site.

Starting the course

To get started you can enrol (you don't need to pay your course fee yet?) and take the ESOL Application to check you have a high enough level of English to complete the course. You can then pay the course fee and take the ESOL course.

Enrol on the course
About the ESOL course

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