The Online Teacher's Pack

Online teacher resource

This online resource is ideal for first-time teachers, providing lots of helpful resources and references.

For just £24.99, the Online Teacher's Pack comes in PDF format, so you can access it wherever you are teaching in the world.

Here's what's included:

1. The TEFL Book
Over 200 pages of practical exercises, hints and tips to really develop your understanding of TEFL
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2. Ten lesson plans
These lesson plans will give you ideas to use in the classroom covering a variety of levels and teaching points, as well as a practical reminder of how to plan and prepare lessons.

3. Warmers and games 
Over 50 ideas to get your students speaking and writing, covering all levels and ages.

4. Resources library
Handy web addresses for job sites and lesson resources.

You can buy your Online Teacher's Pack when you enrol on a course.

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