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"- Good balance between teaching theory and practice
- The course covers lesson plans for different levels
- The course prepares for various class types: kids, adults, one to one, business English.
- It's been great to have a tutor who I was able to contact at any time
- It's great to use the website with tips and teaching ideas
- The videos were very helpful"

"I have a full-time job and so the online course was ideal for me. I was able to access the course when time permitted. Tim was a great tutor who gave good, constructive feedback within a day or so of receiving assignments."

"I enjoyed the whole course! The course was well written and challenging. I have learned a lot and I feel much more confident when teaching English. Great tutors, and thanks to Joe for the videos."


"Easy access. No deadlines!"

"The fact that I could do the course in my own time and pace and that I was given second chances to get an assignment right. The feedback was excellent and very helpful."

"I liked the flexibility that comes with taking the course online. I also liked having a tutor assigned to myself who I could consult."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish. It is brilliantly set up, well designed, informative and to the point. The lessons are well planned, and all of the content provided is easy to understand and digest. The course really makes you think and take part. The lessons I have enjoyed the most are no's 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11."

"That I was able to get in contact with my tutor at any time. The handouts/support material were very good resources."

"Cleverly worded and constructed to keep you on track. It kept me on track 90% of the time, and that is not easy to do ! I felt that I was taking a "proper course that does what it says on the tin".

"An interesting and diverse range of material giving me a good grounding and the skills I will need to teach English abroad. Tim was a great tutor giving great feedback in a very timely fashion."

"I really appreciate your help your speed of marking has been remarkable. Your advice is spot on I have not told my work that I was doing the course out of fear of what could happen. Honestly I have adapted the same sleeping pattern as Margaret Thatcher in her Prime. Sometimes it’s felt like my body been crumbling, my eyes often feel like they were bleeding and joints aching. I was not allowed to do English when I was in school so Yes I am very proud. When I did my GCSE English at Night school I was proud but I am even more proud today as this course is 1000 times harder.

"Again, thanks Tim I will send you an email when I get a job."

"The range of subjects covered was much wider than I had expected."

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