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OnlineTEFLCourses.com offers online TEFL courses for anyone interested in teaching English as a foreign language.

What is TEFL?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) involves fluent speakers teaching English to non-native speakers by only using English in the classroom. With English so important to the global economy, fluent English speakers are in huge demand to teach it right around the world. Because you only use English in the classroom, you don’t need to speak the local language, making TEFL a fantastic option for anyone interested in travel, teaching, or trying something completely different!

Why teach English?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language unlocks a world of possibilities. Whether you want to spend a summer abroad, volunteer on a gap year, have some income when you emigrate or start a whole new career abroad, there are opportunities to suit you with an Online TEFL Courses certificate.

The huge demand for English teachers means that you can be working in a highly respected profession, often with excellent salaries and benefits. Some jobs will offer your accommodation, travel expenses and more! Even if you only want to teach abroad for a short time, the skills and experience you will add to your CV will really impress future employers.

Is TEFL for you?

Anyone who can speak English fluently can learn to teach it! On our online TEFL courses, we’ve trained people from all sorts of backgrounds to teach English, from salespeople to soldiers. To get TEFL jobs abroad, the only other thing you need is an accredited TEFL certificate and that is what our online TEFL courses will give you!

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