The TEFL Book

tefl bookWhether you are looking for your first job or are already teaching, the 200-page TEFL book is an ideal companion for the TEFL teacher.

It covers everything from methodology to practical language awareness activities, it will not only get you thinking, but also get you doing! You will also be given lots of ideas for engaging and effective activities for your lessons.

At the end of each unit, you will be given activities and tasks to practise what you have learnt in that unit.


Here's a breakdown of what you'll find in the book, there's quite a bit!

An Introduction to Teaching English
Learning Styles
Why Study Grammar?
The Qualities of an EFL Teacher
‘Get to Know You’ Activities and Warmers
The Tenses of the English Language
How do We Teach Our Students?
Lesson Structures
Past Time
Lesson Planning
Student Levels
Future Time
Classroom Management
A Foreign Language Lesson
Modal Verbs
Language Functions
An Introduction to Phonology
The Present Perfect
Skills Based Lessons
Using Music to Teach English 
Simple vs. Continuous Tenses
One-to-One Teaching
Testing Our Students
The Passive vs. The Active Voice
Understanding Our Students’ Errors
Teaching Children
Conditional Forms 
Concept Questions 
Teaching Vocabulary
Final Test - Practice Activities
Finding work
Useful resources

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